Hi, I’m Shelley

I'm a Bay Area based product designer passionate about crafting meaningful and human experiences.
Currently @ Walmart eCommerce

I’ve had a long history with creativity. Prior to discovering UX design, I was a painter and grew up practicing brush-painting and calligraphy. Then I spent my college years honing graphic and visual design skills, while also dabbling in animation and motion design. This background helped develop the expertise I bring to my UX practice today.

While my expertise lies in interaction and visual design, I also have basic coding skills and experience with user research. What I love about being a product designer is being able to dig into the details of complex problems and collaborating across disciplines to help solve for the needs of everyday people. For me, the biggest reward is being able to design something useful and delightful for people, and hearing about how it has made a difference in their lives.

Outside of the office, I’m an avid gamer (board games and video games), occasional hiker, travel enthusiast (Japan is my favorite), and proud owner of a Corgi-Aussie pup.

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