b. 1986, HK.


It's nice to meet you.


I'm Shelley, currently an Interaction Designer at Walmart eCommerce.

I'm a seasoned designer with 5 years of experience and a Masters education in Human-Computer Interaction. My design approach revolves around my thorough understanding of the human-centered design process, from research to implementation. The ever-changing landscape of design and technology fuels my passion for learning and creating.

. . .

I've had a long history with creativity.



my work ethics

I'm a hard worker.
You can count on me to give 100% effort on any project.


I'm a team player.
I'll always be there to get and give honest feedback.


I'm a fast designer.
Procrastination is not in my vocabulary.



fun facts


I'm a black diamond skiier. I ski with my family every winter in Lake Tahoe.


I'm a PC and console gamer. Currently playing: Resident Evil 6



I've played over 40 board games and co-own more than 25 games.


I can speak the language Shanghainese, local dialect of Shanghai.



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