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Resume Home: web app


Resume Dashboard

redesign for B2C web application


Create a production-ready MVP design that offered users a new way to create resumes and additional documents (e.g., cover letters) to prepare them for applying to jobs.


Interaction Design
Visual Design
User Testing (worked with research lead)


design process


goals of redesign

Retain more customers by providing content that is more compelling and valuable than what currently exists (resume creation and management)

Prepare jobseekers by encouraging them to create more documents (i.e., cover letters) that will be useful in their job search and application process


designing the product flow: site map

To better understand the information architecture of the new dashboard experience, I created a site map. The existing web app helped users create and store their resume(s), but did not offer much else beyond making resumes. As a result, the redesign effort focused on bringing customers more value by giving them the option of customizing additional documents (i.e., cover letters and thank you letters) to go along with each resume(s), making them more prepared to apply to jobs. 

final design: key features

To see more detailed interactions, check out the clickable prototype


main dashboard page


Detail page: Resume & letters


A primary feature of this web application is the ability to create and manage multiple documents - resumes, cover letters, and more. 

  1. Document Thumbnail
    Upon hovering on each thumbnail, the user is able to see different options to download, print, or view the document in detail.
  2. Create New Document
    The user is able to create a new resume or letter from this page. New documents that are created will be added to the list.  

detail page: resume document

A document detail page will give the user a more detailed look at her resume.

  1. Rename Document
    Users can easily rename the document, to suit the job title or position they want to use the document for.

  2. Edit Resume + Options
    The user has access to many options with the document - print, download, email, or go back to the editing process.

design iterations

During the 3-month duration of this project, I created around 10+ wireframes. Each iteration took into account both internal and external feedback. Below are some examples of previous wireframe iterations that were tested and the subsequent usability findings.


usability findings: example one 


usability findings: example two